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Shadolan Authority Welcomes A New Holonet

As Shadolan Authority continues to grow so should it’s footprint across the galaxy. Empress Aylee of House Stewart commissioned the re-building of the Shadolan Holonet, bringing it inline with the new found values of the Authority. It is with great honor that we, the Arcitects of Shadolan, welcome you to the new Shadolan Authority Holonet.

Though it may seem there is not much going on here for the current time, countless employees drone on behind closed doors, dreaming and building a net that will stand the test of time. As time passes, more and more will be placed on the holonet, to act has the running history of the great Authority.

For now, remain patient as the Novingrad Programmers build something for us all to be proud of.

Building A Brighter Future

Novingrad Programmers