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Shadolan Architects

The Architects of the Shadolan Authority are the builders whose efforts raise us all up. They are the foreman on the ground, building the cities of Shadola from the ground up; the miners, excavating the deposits below the cities; the politicians, maintaining and pursuing new relationships alike; and the members of the Cabinet, writing the laws and legislation of the government. 

No matter the position held among the Architects, these are the individuals truly designing and building the government. Skilled in whichever trade they pursue, the Architects are more than ready and able to take on any variety of challenges they may face.

Shadolan Guardians

The Guardians are the military might wielded by the Shadolan Authority. Highly trained starfighter pilots patrol the systems of Shadola. Experienced Naval Commanders co-ordinate defensive and offensive operations throughout the galaxy. Battle hardened soldiers, with boots on the ground commanding divisions across planetary warzones. There is not an Army or Navy in the Shadolan Authority, there are the Guardians. 

Guardians are prepared for all avenues of battle, whether it be in naval warfare or ground combat. Aided by the Shadonic Knights of the Shadow Order, the Guardians are more than equipped to defend their homeland.

Shadolan Wayfarers

Logistics is definitely the backbone of any operation. The Wayfarers are just that for the Shadolan Authority. Operating currently in two different subdivisions, the Intra-sector Haulers provide constant relief to all operations in Shadola. The long haul subdivision imports vast quantities of raw materials to the sector, or operates in a variety of other long range missions. 

The skilled pilots are equipped by the Shadolan feet to handle any array of assignments. Dependable and dedicated, these individuals are always moving.

Shadolan Eyes

Focusing on the interior and exterior protection of Shadolan Authority, in a more covert manner than the Guardians. Gathering intelligence, working on neutralizing enemies of the government and serving to quell any displeasure within the divisions of the Authority. Members work in close conjunction with the Empress and the Cabinet. The department is involved in all branches, to ensure that any danger present to the faction - whether from the interior or exterior - can be addressed.