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Shadolan Authority



Shadolan Authority. A mere dream perhaps throughout the years, but one that has now come to pass.
How many beings have passed through the systems that make up the Shadola Sector, long controlled by Alissma under the rule of Hal Breden, and then Kuro Neko?
How many companies have flourished and faded into the past. Organizations rising to power then eventually ceasing to exist?
For more than two decades, the citizens of Shadola went about their business. Humble, and largely unseen in their corner of the galaxy.
Their need for protection falling to those few Alissmaic priests who felt it their calling to accept such a burden, rather than any training or expertise.

Then. On year 19 day 300, Aylee Stewart formed a tight-knit Military Police, titled Shadolan Sector Security (SSS).
The members of this organization charged themselves with the defence of the Sector. Patrolling Gand, Maldra, and Baummu; Systems in Alissma and Skeebo valued both as the center for commerce, industry, and trade in the sector, and for their inherent religious importance to the Alissmaic faith.
From merchants selling their wares on street corners, to private inter-galactic shipping companies exporting their products throughout the galaxy, one organization provided security for them all.
Shadola Sector Security.

As war raged throughout the galaxy, SSS worked tirelessly to develop defenses throughout the sector.
After gaining support from a variety of organizations, during the week of Year 20 Day 355 (NB: Records of the specific date were unfortunately lost), Alissma chose to hand over full control of the sector and it's planets to SSS.
From this declaration, SSS would be reborn to become the Shadolan Authority, declaring itself an independent government in the galaxy. Faithfully led by Aylee Stewart, now proclaimed Empress I of House Stewart by the citizens she had sworn to protect and uphold.

As time would tell, the government continued to grow, supported by their affiliates, Maldra Mining, The Natural Mystics, and Machinehead. Together these organizations would seek to develop the territory they call home.
Internally, SA is committed to but one mission: The mutual growth and development of all those called friend.
To those who would seek to undermine this mission, beware.


Shadolan Authority takes a strong neutral stance in the great Galactic Conflict

Rapid Expanding Population

Shadolan Authority has seen growth on a galactic scale

Secure and Safety

Shadolan Authority was founded upon keeping it's sector secure and safe

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